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Diabetes Centre Interventions

About the project

Diabetes affects at least 4.2 million South Africans, making it the country with the highest prevalence of diabetes in Africa. Complications from poorly managed diabetes can include blindness, kidney failure, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and amputations. In 2021, Groote Schuur Hospital launched the first public healthcare Diabetes Centre in Africa, providing patients with access to a multi-disciplinary team in one location.

Thanks to a three-year grant from the Harry Crossley Foundation and donations from numerous individuals, the Diabetes Centre has trained over 600 healthcare workers across the Western Cape in both basic and advanced diabetes care. This extensive training ensures that each healthcare worker can significantly impact patient care, providing essential skills to manage and prevent complications associated with diabetes.

The Centre's holistic approach, including the addition of a foot care unit, aims to reduce the burden of diabetes including the need for amputations and their associated human and economic costs.

Help us continue our ability to provide training to our healthcare workers, as well as expand the Diabetes Centre services in order to maximise impact and affect the lives of thousands of families across the Western Cape.