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Surgical Recovery

About the project

There are still 1000s of patients awaiting essential surgery at GSH – and we need your support to help them. The Covid pandemic brought unparalleled crisis to the healthcare system globally. Surging waves of critically ill patients have necessitated dramatic restructuring of healthcare facilities and massive internal redistribution of healthcare resources, which in the South African context were already stretched by an established quadruple burden of disease. Tertiary academic elective surgical care, already a crucial and scarce resource in the public sector, has ground to a halt.

The Trust has committed to ensuring GSH surgical waiting lists are being continually addressed. In Year One of this project (2022-2023), 1500 patients received their long awaited surgeries with the help of our major funding partners - Gift of the Givers and the Department of Health and Wellness, as well as hundreds of individual and corporate donors.  

Donate today to ensure we can continue to clear the backlog of essential surgeries - which are still 1000s in numbers. Your donation today will make a difference for someone who has been waiting more than 2-3 years to have their joint replaced, cataract removed or cancer surgery performed.